A company with 450 young horses demands employees with lots of expertise. Formerly a dairy farm, in 1988 owner Wim ten Pas decided to focus on the razing of horses for owners. The accommodation has been modified for this purpose and now Wim ten Pas, born in 1963, has a lot of experience. The stud farm is well-known national and international.

Strong team

Over the years a strong team has developed, which gets the daily work done in the best possible way. In our business nothing is left to chance. The young horses and broodmares, which of course are kept well separated, are almost without exception very well bred and should be raised in the best possible way. It is not only the actual value of a colt, yearling or three year old horse, but also the emotional value to the owner. They should be handled with care and we realize that very well.
Our permanent team besides Wim ten Pas consists of Thea Colenbrander and Gerwin Kempers. Thea has been with the company since 1999. Gerwin has joined the team in 2012, after working at stud farm De Radstake for 8 years and at Eurocommerce Stables for 5 years. In short, we have much experience in the team.