Buying and selling

The service on our raising establishment goes beyond optimum raising and careful veterinary guidance. For example, we are willing to help you decide whether or not a stallion is suitable for the stallion selection, or decide which breeding stallion to use for your 3 year old mare. In addition it is also possible to call on us for help in sale of a horse raised with us. We can make sure that a potential buyer can see your young horse. In our paddock, they can move freely and free jumping.

At our stud farm many young horses have an excellent pedigree. Many foals come to us from well-known auctions. Owners from over 10 countries bring horses to our farm. So do many famous and successful Dutch breeders and stallion owners. Meanwhile the list of approved stallions, high ranked mares at studbook inspections and successful dressage and show jumping horses, who have been raised with us, is getting longer.

Buyers, who are looking for young horses with high expectations, have a great chance of finding them on our farm. For looking at the young horses that are for sale, we ask to make an appointment. The owner can decide whether they want to be there or not.